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J.Mäki Professional
Nordic Hair color

J.Mäki Professional’s unique, sericin-rich composition contains a minimum amount of ammonia and a new generation of color pigments. This combination allows for a rich color result while maintaining the well-being and smoothness of the hair. The dense micropigment mixture penetrates deep into the hair, making the color very durable and intense. The colors are also very suitable hair colors considering gray hair. Sericin gives the hair a silky effect, making the hair well-groomed and well-being.


• Moderate, composed Scandinavian tones reflect current fashion trends in hair colors. The smart color system is suitable for creative color combinations with professional results.

• Bright main colors with a wide range of tinting and super whitening. The desired color can be easily achieved as well as tinting it, for example to a warmer, colder or lighter color.

• J.Mäki Professional Nordic Hair colors are based on a cold base tone and enable a large number of different cold shades. Pure light shades can also be achieved by folding.

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