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LOOK UP shampoo and conditioner are designed for daily hair care and especially for hair styling. They do not contain sulfates, artificial colors or harmful additives. The products are primarily intended for maintaining the health of the hair and making the hair shiny after washing.
Compared to J.Mäki Professional’s more intensive care series (white), which is intended for foundational hair and scalp care, the
LOOK UP series focuses more strongly on the appearance of hair in a shorter span of time - you will see the result after a few uses. Perfect for use with other J.Mäki Professional products. Contains lanolin, argan, coconut and flaxseed oil, blackcurrant and mulberry. Shampoo and conditioner are available in two different sizes: 300ml and 750ml.



A mousse that creates thick volumous hair that does not make hair greasy.
The polymer combination increases the thickness of each hair, creating an impossibly long-lasting volume for any hairstyle. Does not glue hair together or make it feel oily. Volume mousse’s unique composition contains flaxseed extract that revitalizes hair from the inside, prevents dehydration, fluffiness and hoarseness. Protects hair from overheating and UV radiation. Facilitates many hairstyles and restores the hair’s natural beauty and shine. Instructions for use: shake before use. Apply a small amount of the substance evenly to damp or dry hair. Make a hairstyle.

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