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J.Mäki Professional HENNA

Today, there are many alternatives to chemical compositions for dyeing and henna hair dyeing is becoming more and more popular.
First of all, henna is a natural dye that does not contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, so it does not damage the hair or change its structure. Plant raw materials contain tannins and antiseptics.

J. Mäki Professional HENNA not only dyes hair, but also makes them stronger, thicker, and even fights against dandruff and scalp problems. HENNA makes hair shiny and smooth.

We can offer you several options for Henna from J.Mäki Professional:

• 100% natural henna powder for hair, does not contain preservatives or chemical additives.

•Liquid Henna with added cellulose for biolamination

J.Mäki Professional HENNA is also suitable for maintaining the color of already dyed hair. To do this, it must be used after the shampoo instead of the mask. The holding time is 20-30 minutes. After coloring, it is recommended to rinse your hair with warm water and J.Mäki Professional conditioner.

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