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Henna is a natural botanical hair dye.

Henna is suitable for those who do not agree to compromise on the hair health and beauty issues, as it does not contain any chemical ingredients capable of affecting the hair and scalp.

Constant henna use makes the hair more dense, shiny and thicker, reduces fluffiness, splitting, and breaking. This is a great way to change the hair shade and improve hair quality at the same time.

Can henna help to get a permanent hair coloring?

Yes, it can. However, since henna does not penetrate the hair, as well as promotes hair growth, when switching to henna at first it may seem that more frequent hair dying is required. Consequently, as and when the pigment accumulates, this problem will cease to bother you. Also, remember that each hair dying procedure has a beneficial effect on your hair.

Can grey hair be dyed?

Please be patient and you will get a great result. To make the dying process as easy and effective as possible, we have developed a creamy henna formula based on the natural plant extracts for the best pigment penetration.

Can henna lighten your hair?

Of course not, as there is the dye that does not violate the hair structure. But we have 10 gorgeous shades for blondes, capable of providing shade to lightened hair. In this case, toning will also have a therapeutic effect similar to the biolamination procedure. Natural henna molecules seal the cuticle, giving it a smooth and shiny look.

How often can you use henna to dye your hair?

Each dying strengthens your hair, so you can do it as often as you wish. The procedure can be used not only for dying but also for a natural shine and hairstyle volume. Henna is the best natural remedy for a natural hair volume. To cure your hair without changing its shade, you may choose to use colorless henna from our product range.

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