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J.Mäki Professional represents a natural and scientific approach to hair care. Our ingredients are strongly based on science as well as being natural. Our carefully selected combinations of properties and our customer-oriented approach gives us great prospect in resolving all hair issues with one product - a product that protects, cleanses, and treats hair while preventing damage and dryness of hair.

Our products are sulfate-free and paraben-free. All the ingredients we use are compatible with skincare products, making them gentle on the scalp as well as the skin. Our products reduce the static electricity of the hair, facilitating styling and removing excess oiliness and dandruff.
The products contain an anti-age compound. Improves hair growth and prevents hair loss. Prolonged use repairs and revitalizes damaged hair. Includes UV protection.
Thanks to its composition, J.Mäki Professional products can also be used safely even after hair lamination, keratin and hair extensions.

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